Lunchtime Talks

1.10pm – 1.50pm
Sandwiches and drinks provided

David Skull
Pastor, Chertsey Street Baptist Church
“The Bible – the authority for the Reformation” Download talk
David looks at where the reformers found the authority for the changes that they made in Christian belief and practice.

Hugh Griffin
Member, Chertsey Street Baptist Church
“Martin Luther – the man and his message” Download talk
Hugh will outline briefly Luther’s story and the message that he brought to 16th century Europe.

Peter Saunders
CEO Christian Medical Fellowship
“The Reformation and medicine” Download talk
Peter will examine the implications for medical care of the view of man that the reformers developed.

John Benton
Director of Pastoral Support, John Owen Centre
“The Reformation and the development of modern science” Download talk
John will discuss the relationship between the reformation view of the world and the development of the scientific method.